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My thoughts on NCAA sanctions against Penn State

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or you’ve locked yourself up Howard Hughes style you probably heard that the NCAA announced it’s sanctions against Penn State this morning. Rather than hitting Penn State with the “death penalty” (suspending football … Continue reading

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Terrell Owens owes $20,000 in child support: How is that calculated?

No one ever said parenting was easy. Terrell Owens is finding that not parenting might turn out to be even harder.  According to in Atlanta, Owens may face jail time for failing to pay over $20,000 in child support … Continue reading

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Baseball Cards Found in Attic: Finders Keepers?

I came across this article, which made me slightly jealous that I don’t have an attic, but also reminded me of a basic rule of property law regarding personal property.  For those too lazy to read the entire article, a … Continue reading

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Roger Goodell Responds with Motion to Dismiss

Roger Goodell has responded to Jonathan Vilma’s defamation suit with a Motion to Dismiss. As discussed in my last post, Goodell is targeting the hardest issue for Vilma to prove which is that Goodell’s comments were made with “actual malice”. … Continue reading

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Jonathan Vilma Goes to Court: An Overview of Defamation

Jonathan Vilma should probably go to law school and pass the bar with the amount of legal action he’s been seeing lately. Vilma’s latest lawsuit filed in U.S. District (Federal) Court in New Orleans claims that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell … Continue reading

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Dwight Howard taking legal action against the Magic?

Another chapter has been written in the saga involving Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. This time Howard claims the Magic “blackmailed” him into signing the addendum to his contract to remain with the Magic through next season. Howard also … Continue reading

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